Flying Adventure Monkeys

Mark 02

Available soon…

Stay tuned as the Mark 02 is coming available to pre-order very soon.
You’ll need to stick down a deposit of £500 to reserve one of the very few Custom Mark 02’s that will ever be released.

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The Custom

A machine that brings giant adventure in a tiny package. This is our custom made adventure monkey bike. That also flies.

It’s been designed for adventure from the frame up. After years of breaking monkey bikes in places like the Amazon rainforest and the Sahara desert we decided to make something way better with simplicity and repairability at the forefront.

And here it is. The Custom. Ready for adventure anywhere. The ultimate adventure monkey. She ain’t bad looking either.

Only sold in unique small batches once a year. Each batch or “Mark” has its own unique flavour and will require you to come and pick it up from somewhere ridiculous.

The ultra rare Mark 01’s sold out in 3 seconds. So jump on the waiting list to be alerted to when the Mark 02 is available. There will be only a very limited number of them ever built.

Adventure included

You want it. But you can’t just buy it.

Getting your hands on a Venturo Custom is no easy task. You might have paid for it but we’re not going to just send it to you. We’re going to leave it somewhere ridiculous and make you come and get it.

We left the Mark 01’s on an island in one of the most remote parts of the UK – 20 miles from the nearest tarmac. For the Mark 02 we’re making things even more stupid. We’ll be dropping them in the middle of nowhere in a different country. And it’s your problem to get it home. And all this chaos is handily included.

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Flying Option – Prototype 02

Oh yeah, it flies

How often have you found yourself thinking “I wish this could fly”? Us too. So we made sure the Venturo Mark 01 Custom does. With the ever-so-handy optional flying package.

Prototype 02 was concocted and the World’s only flying-motorbike test pilot, Brian, took it out for a waft the other day. Turned out rather well so we’ve dived right back into the research for Prototype 03.

The rear rack of every Venturo is designed to connect to the flying package should you feel the need. Which presumably everyone will.

Once we’re happy it’s stupid enough, we’ll release the wholly inadvisable optional flying add-on to all owners. In the meantime you can catch up on the research progress with this handy video.

Limited Edition Mark 02

We sold out of the Mark 01’s in a few seconds but we’re deep in the design of the Mark 02.

It’s a similar beast with the same key specs but with some marvellous differences.

Like the Mark 01 there will only be a limited number of Mark 02s ever built.

To ensure you don’t miss out you can place a fully refundable £90 deposit now if you want to guarantee you can snag a Mark 02.

The Custom Specs

Built from the chassis of a Monkey Bike we’ve modified pretty much everything. From the rear rack, the wheels, the suspension, the exhaust, the lights, the footpegs, the engine, the speedo, a whole new electrical system and a plethora of other modifications we’ve made the ultimate custom miniature adventure machine.



  • Each Mark is a very limited edition
  • Adventure built in
  • Old school carburetion for more power and just betterness
  • Top speed – 55MPH+
  • Fuel capacity – 4.5 litres
  • Range on a tank – TBC
  • Mark 01 Colour – Gordon Bennett British Racing Green (the right colour)
  • Mark 02 Colour TBA
  • Warranty – 1 year



  • Dry weight – 67kg
  • Length – 140cm 
  • Seat height – 66cm
  • Handlebar height – 96cm


  • Ultimate rear rack of mirth
  • Uprated suspension
  • Stiffened foot pegs
  • Stainless steel exhaust of great subtlety
  • CNC triple yoke dashboard
  • Uprated electricals throughout
  • Strong, single piece handlebars
  • Integrated rear light array so they don’t snap off
  • LED lights all round


  • Displacement – 124cc
  • Max power at 7500rpm – 5.1kw
  • Clutch – Semi-automatic
  • Starter – Kick start only
  • Gears – 4