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Custom – Mark 02

Available soon…

Stay tuned as the Mark 02 is coming available to pre-order very soon.
You’ll need to stick down a deposit of £500 to reserve one of the very few Custom MArk 02’s that will ever be released.

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Born of Adventure

Built by the best

This is Venturo, the manufacturing company birthed by The Adventurists. We’re building the greatest adventure machines for you to get stuck and lost on.

We’ve organised some of the largest and most ridiculous adventures on Earth and now we’ve decided to make the machines you need to go on your own adventures.

We’ve teamed up with our chums at Gilo Industries (manufacturing geniuses in Dorset UK) who have all the machinery and skills needed to produce the machines of our dreams.

Earn it

You want one. But you can’t just buy one.

That would be far too pedestrian. We’re not going to just let you order a Venturo. This is an Adventure Machine, its job is to bring adventure into your life. So once you buy your stead you can’t just pick it up from a showroom. You have to come and get it. From somewhere ridiculous.

When your Venturo is ready we’ll give you a coordinate. Once you make it to where your machine is lurking, you can simply take it home. Well, almost simply, because we’ll have made sure that’s not possible without a mini adventure.

We’re releasing these beasts in batches and you will be given a choice of dates to extract it from the designated location of great inconvenience.